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Kipsi is a bespoke technology platform for professional services firms looking to streamline and automate their client engagements

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Facilitate best in class R&D tax credit studies with Kipsi

Our R&D tax credit solution streamlines every aspect of conducting a R&D tax credit study

Enhance the client experience with intuitive collaboration tools.
Reduce manual overhead using modern tools and automation to ease the burden on your teams
Greater visibility into all aspects of your workflows allow you to be proactive instead of reactive

Streamline Surveys

Collect information for tax studies from clients and track their progress in real time without hassle.

Provide a simple, step-by-step experience to help clients seamlessly complete surveys
Answer client questions or leave feedback directly inside Kipsi
R&D tax credit questionnaire with comments between accounting firm and client
Automate PBC (Provided By Client)

Automate Requests

Save time on gathering supporting documentation and client follow up

Send multiple requests for documentation to customers
Reduce manual overhead by automating client follow up emails and even choose different levels of follow up frequency for different requests

Allocate Expenses

Easily allocate expenses across various R&D projects

Allocate employee, supply & contractor expenses across qualifying R&D projects
Assign client contacts to provide allocation information and track their progress to completion
Allocate research and development (R&D) expenses
Manage client engagements with deadline and status tracking

Manage Engagements

Manage all your ongoing engagements in one view and easily see which clients need immediate attention

Quickly identify which clients have outstanding items with our homepage dashboard
Assign team members to engagements with visibility into who is under or over staffed
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Accounting Firms
Consulting Firms
Law Firms
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Manage client requests & documentation in one place.

Our PBC (Provided By Client) tool provides a unified client experience while saving you valuable time

Improve your client's experience with their own portal for uploading documentation
Gain deeper visibility into your engagement progress with request status tracking
Reduce manual overhead by automating client follow up emails
client portal for uploading support documents

Client Portal

Clients can securely upload documents in Kipsi and easily see what remaining requests are left to complete.

Reduce client confusion with detailed request descriptions
Notify clients when they are assigned a request

Request Management

Easily identify outstanding PBC items in Kipsi through robust status tracking.

Set deadlines to stay on schedule and communicate priority to the client
Approve submitted requests or reject them and automatically send them back to the client if information is missing
Manage supporting documentation requests using Kipsi
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accounting firm

Email Automation

Save time following up on PBC requests with Kipsi’s automated emailing system.

Assign client contacts per PBC request to ensure only the correct people at the client are getting notified
Select email frequency per request to control how often individuals at each client are contacted
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Accounting Firms
Consulting Firms
Law Firms
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Streamline client questionnaires for efficient data collection

Kipsi Forms centrally manages and administers client facing surveys at scale while capturing the unique voice of every firm with our robust customization options

Efficiently manage engagements with real time status tracking on every questionnaire
Impress clients with an intuitive step-by-step design and modern collaboration features
Scale your practice with templates specialized for every service line and industry sector
client survey sent as part of ESG

Questionnaire Management

Deliver engagements on time with detailed deadline and status tracking

Track questionnaire progress in real time and see your client’s responses as they fill out the form
Administer different kinds of questionnaires as part of the same engagement to gather all the information you need to do your work

Client Portal

Clients can fill out questionnaires and communicate with your firm directly in Kipsi

Clients can see all questionnaires assigned to them in one place and complete them with ease
If a client gets stuck, they can post a question and the firm can respond directly within the questionnaire the client is working on
client portal for accounting, consulting and law firms
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Customization & White Labeling

Provide next level client experiences with a software tool that looks and feels like it was built only for your firm

Customize every aspect of your questionnaire from content wording, example responses, section headers, number of questions per section and format of each question
Kipsi can add your firm’s logo on the client portal and every questionnaire for a truly branded experience

About Kipsi

Kipsi is a bespoke technology platform for professional services firms looking to streamline and automate their client engagements. We are former Big Four professionals and technology leaders passionate about creating software to make the lives of accountants, consultants and lawyers easier.


To make modern technology tools accessible to professional services firms, regardless of location or size.

Meet the Team

Claire headshot
Claire Tsukuda
Co-Founder & CEO
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Claire is the CEO and co-founder of Kipsi. She spent the majority of her career in product management at various B2B SaaS companies and developed a love for accounting software while working at BlackLine. Prior to that, Claire worked as an accountant at Deloitte and holds a Bachelors in Accounting from Loyola Marymount.

Xiaolong headshot
Xiaolong Jiang
Co-Founder & CTO
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Xiaolong is the CTO and co-founder of Kipsi. Previously, he was the founding engineer at Kolena, a machine learning software company. Prior to Kolena, Xiaolong spent the majority of his career at Netflix and Apple working on large scale distributed backend systems. Xiaolong holds a Masters in Computer Science from Columbia University.

Alex headshot
Alexander Chung
Founding Engineer

Alexander is a founding engineer and the first employee at Kipsi. His entire career has been exclusively at early stage startups because he enjoys fast paced environments where he can have a large impact on the business. Alex graduated from Hack Reactor and holds a Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering from USC.

Mathieu Dufour Portrait
Mathieu Dufour
Founding Engineer
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"Mathieu is a founding engineer at Kipsi. He brings extensive startup experience designing, developing, and maintaining user-focused software as a full-stack software engineer. In his free time, Mathieu enjoys solving rock climbing problems, building drones, and traveling the world. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering and a Minor in Entrepreneurship from McGill University."

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Kipsi is based in the Bay Area, but we are a remote-first company. Come join our growing team!

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